A Career in Writing

I've often noticed that most succcessful writers (i.e., those who make enough money writing that I become jealous) live in more than one place. On their book jackets, I see things like "Philip Snodgrass lives in the Pacific Northwest and Hong Kong," "Matilda Northrop-Wilkins splits her time between her ranch in Montana and a chateau in Los Angeles," or "When Hayakowolski is not busy advising the President from his Georgetown salon, he grows artichokes in Santa Cruz."

Finally, I realized that these writers are successful because they live in several places. So, from now on, my bio will read:

Gene Callahan lives in a neighborhood full of Irish ruffians in London, England, at least now and then. And sometimes he stays at his in-laws in Rockland County, or on Sandy's couch in Brooklyn. And Big Adam recently told him he could sleep on his couch, as well, especially if Gene was buying him scotches at B61 earlier in the evening. Oh, and just the other night he crashed at Mike's up in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where he got to sleep in this nifty little bunk bed Mike's kids use when they come over. Occasionally, he even looks at real estate ads from places as far away as Pennsylvania.


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