The Myth of Tiananmen Square?!

Jude Wanniski was totally on the ball on the WMD issue. Even before the US invaded, Wanniski was confidently saying no WMD would turn up, and he point-by-point refuted the bogus intelligence reports to the contrary.

Now Wanniski says that the Tiananmen Square "massacre" never happened. I still had lingering doubts after his article, but then when I read this one (that he linked to) I was convinced.

Now if journalists can learn this stuff and publicize it, surely the whizzes at the CIA know about it too. Sorta makes you wonder...If you had to pick the most bellicose nation in today's world, the one nation most likely to start unnecessary wars, I'm not so sure it would be those evil Chi-Coms or dogmatic Ay-rabs.


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