Sunday, April 10, 2005

Meanwhile, back on the farm...

Having dug myself out of tons of chicken shit, literally, (don't even mention to me the rabbit poop problem), and dug something called a French bio-dynamic garden, I have returned, though not as a prodigal.

Here are the latest additions:
First, my little baby sugar glider. One day, he just appeared. There were two, and then there were three, just like that. Who knew? You put two sugar gliders together in a bag, and presto chango, they turn into three sugar gliders!

Isn't he cute?? We haven't named him yet. Any suggestions?

For those of you who don't know, a sugar glider is a nocturnal marsupial from Australia. I don't recommend owning them if you aren't prepared to turn your house into a toilet. (At least, that's how my husband puts it.)

I don't mind the shit. They are too much fun! It's like having a zoo in your house.

And then, there are the chicks. I have so many eggs, I feel like I am laying them myself.

I haven't mentioned the kids, the hamsters, the rabbits (except for their unmentionable poop), etc. etc. All of this is just a way of explaining that I am on the farm, and don't EVER romanticize farming. It's a bitch! (But I wouldn't have it any other way!)

Hey Gene, want a job as a farmhand???


  1. how much do they shit - more then a ferret or less ??

  2. how much do they shit - more then a ferret or less ??


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