Sunday, April 17, 2005

What Our "Conservative" News Outlets Are "Thinking"

In more from the NY Post, yesterday's op-ed page featured an editorial calling for all sorts of New York officials -- Mike Bloomberg, Eliot Spitzer, the City Council -- to "muscle" Cablevision "to get the Mets back on cable TV." (Cablevision wants Time Warner to pay more for the license to broadcast Mets games.) Now, this is the supposedly "right wing" paper in the Big Apple, and... well, what can one say about its proposal except that it's revolting to anyone who values economic freedom? And what in the world does the Post think is so important about watching the Mets, anyway? What if these people read a book or played with their kids in lieu of downing a six while watching Pedro Martinez? Oooh, what hardship! Better call in the State's "muscle"!

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