Those Paranoid Commies

In the March/April 2005 edition of The Hillsdale Conservative (the "official paper of the Hillsdale College Republicans"), Ryan Thompson has an article called, "The Case against Chavez." After listing grievances about Hugo Chavez's inquiries into Russian MiGs and urging of high oil prices, Thompson says:

One of Chavez's best friends, Fidel Castro serves as his inspiration. Since Chavez took power [of Venezuela] in 1999, relations between Cuba and Venezuela have become closer, along with their antagonism towards the United States. Both nations claim that the United States is plotting to overthrow their governments and replace them with ones friendly to America.

Now admittedly, Thompson doesn't explicitly say that this fear is ridiculous, but in context it certainly seems as if their worries are an additional source of instability. It's ironic then that Thompson recommends the following:

As long as Hugo Chavez serves as President of Venezuela and keeps winning fake elections, the security of the Western Hemisphere will be in doubt. The United States should seek ways short of full scale action by our military to remove Chavez, and work to restore democracy to the nation. Funding pro-democracy groups inside of Venezuela and neighboring countries serves as the best route to this end right now, but military action will be necessary if these options fail.


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