The coming Ice Age

I was recently viewing a television program on the History Channel regarding the Bible's prophesies of Armageddon and how it could play out in the future. I will not dwell on the History Channel presenting a program about the future. Of the assorted concepts of doom included a coming ice age that would freeze fannies on a cataclysmic scale. I found this comforting as I enjoy cold weather sports such as skiing and ice skating. But the future ice age I was promised in the 1970's that would be caused by human activity never came. Sadly it was replaced by the future of global warming, also caused by humans, that would eventuate in a bad way. So one of the postulators on the television said, with a straight face mind you, that the coming ice age will be caused by global warming. It reminded me of another postulator that explained the planet could be as warm as it was 500 years ago within this century if human activity is not changed. 500 years ago? I'm not sold on either theory, but if I can vote, I'll back the ice age.


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