Thursday, June 23, 2005

home is where you plant your flag

News flash just in time for Independence Day: You don't really own your house and you possibly won't really own your thread if it is arranged in a certain pattern. Thankfully in most places you can't own decent fireworks, so it won't be that disappointing if you choose to boycott the Fourth. That is, if you are permitted to boycott it. I'm not sure you are always allowed to own your body either.


  1. Anonymous7:24 PM


    Where can I find a place where I can actually own my house and body.

    By body I also mean not having the "fruits of one's labour" excessively taxed.

    Let me know of this place and its immigration policies.

  2. I was hoping you'd tell me. I am especially interested in places where certain patterns do not give magical properties to fabric.

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