Now We've Got Them Right Where We Want Them

On a day when 10 separate attacks killed 47 people in Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld
that the insurgency -- which, you remember, was to disappear after Saddam was captured, or when sovereignty was turned over, or when the elections were held, or when the new government was formed -- is likely to increase until the constitution referendum and the elections are held in December. He also mentioned that the insurgency may continue for a decade or more. So when Rummy told Fox News Sunday that the insurgency "ebbs and flows", he really meant to say that it "flows and flows".


  1. I'm confused. The part where Rummy says the insuegency
    could last a decade directly contradicts what Cheney
    just said, "...that the insurgency was in its last throes."

  2. Anonymous4:13 AM

    A decade sure doesn't sound like much if you consider the start of the insurgency to have been during the crusades.

  3. And if you consider the insurgency to have started during the late Devonian epoch, a decade would seem like even less!

  4. Aurelia3:36 PM

    And Rumsfeld did mention Cheney's remarks in the FoxNews interview. According to Rummy in an attempt to clarify Cheney's statement, "The fact is that if you look at the context of his remarks, last throes could be a violent last throe, just as well as a placid or calm last throe. Look it up in the dictionary." - So to sum this up ladies and gents, - this is a VIOLENT last throe that could last for decades... glad that's all cleared up.,2933,160643,00.html

  5. Anonymous4:09 AM

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