Is It Philosophy, or Is It...?

I was in my tutor's office yesterday, and I noticed he had an entire shelf of computer programming books. I asked why. He replied that he programmed all the time in his work, typically using Java to create Java Beans that he then employed in Mathematica.

What frigorific sort of philosohpy is that, making Java Beans to use in Mathematica? Details to follow.


  1. We have always supposed that in the future technology would
    get easier and easier to use. That masses of geeky programmers
    huddled over the compputers would whip up better and
    better technology to help us live our fantastic lives.
    Well, it turns out this is all wrong. In the future
    we will all be programmers. Not only will your professor
    be coding Beans to get his math work done, but Mom will be
    slapping some new code together to get the oven to
    cook the turkey better. Dad will be at his Mac madly
    coding some new plugins to improve the gas milage in his
    car. Sister will be sharing her new script to search out
    the lastest pop hit on the web with her cool friends
    And everywhere across the land people
    will be hacking, tweaking, compiling, scripting,
    and coding to make the world work they way they want
    it to work. It's all code all the time. The only
    topic at grown up parties is compiler flags and
    the best new home application server. Dads
    mull over not what new lawnmower to get, but what
    lawn maintainence scripting engine to purchase.
    Town hall is full of coders, coding the new traffic
    light parameters, writing the updates to the sewer program,
    and designing new software for the tax collection robots.
    So children, when you grow up, you may be called a
    "teacher" or an "machanic", or a "mayor" but really
    you will all be geek programmers!

  2. Anonymous4:27 PM

    And our children will be reading Berenstain Bears - the future series. Can you see the series - CyberBerenstain Bears in Bear Country...

  3. Anonymous8:07 PM

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