Who Would Have Imagined!

China has long subsidized water use -- not charging for water at all until 1985, and currently charging 40% below cost. No doubt, this policy has been applauded as an example of "social justice" by many on the left. Now, The Economist reports that "the very 'survival of the Chinese nation'" is threatened by a critical shortage of fresh water.

Gee, can you imagine that? You price a resource way below market, and people use it recklessly! Maybe someone should invent a science that describes that kind of phenomena... Bob?


  1. Our water is un-metered so of course my response to being exorted to save water is to leave the lawn sprinkler on all night, in anticipation of a possible future hosepipe ban.

  2. Oops. I am always been exhorted to spell exorted properly.

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