the fastest way to get the holdouts to leave

Lift the idiotic mandatory evacuation order. As long as the city remains sealed, those people have an excuse to remain in it no matter what is happening. I can't fathom the reasoning Mayor Nagin has for knocking down every door in New Orleans to find 10-15,000 thousand people who wish to remain protecting their property in the city they love. One wonders if he's on a looting expedition himself.

Let the people back in. They will bring out the survivors. They will tell you FASTER where the attics serving as tombs are. They will clean their streets and bring in necessary supplies. What are you afraid of Mayor Nagin? That these 10,000 will vote you out of office? Someday you'll have to let the citizens of New Orleans back in. Let real order return. Let it return now.


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    There's an issue of public health, although I believe you should be free to dispose of your life if you wish.

    We're dealing with a group of people of subnormal intelligence, and the ever-paternal state doesn't feel there's a way to inform them of the risks associated with the decision to remain.

    I think that to live in New Orleans at any time shows poor decision making, but I'm sure the State will bail everyone out of their bad investments as usual.

  2. I hope you meant that the people working for the police state are the subnormals.

    Sean Penn is allowed to make an idiot of himself in the filth water but people on dry land are being forced out? Does being a celebrity make you immune to cholera? How about being a cop, soldier or a reporter? It doesn't, pardon me, hold water. Officials are saying in about a week power will be back on, commercial flights into the airport will resume, and business owners will be allowed back in to survey their properties. Hmmmm. In the meantime, they'll be dragging little old ladies out of their NEVER-FLOODED homes for what purpose? To keep them from getting sick? It would've been healthier for them to have gotten the Red Cross packages that FEMA turned away.

    If there has been one single constant in this mess it's that the government has done exactly the wrong thing every single time. It's insane how much they have screwed it up from even before the storm hit.

    On the other hand, maybe the holdouts weren't allowed to leave:

  3. Anonymous2:22 AM

    No, I mean most of the population of New Orleans... pre-flood...the worst of the ignorant deep south.

    I'm no expert on public health, but I believe the risks in the city are probably as exaggerated as the estimated body count.

    As for the brains in this picture, they would appear to belong to the looters. I can see why the looters would want to stay around to guard their recently acquired wealth from the sticky paws of the police.

    If you couldn't afford to get out of Dodge ahead of the storm, I suspect the $2000 debit card will make make Katrina a windfall, so-to-speak.

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