Windows XP

I'm having my first experience using Windows XP. My initial impression is that Microsoft has decided that it is futile for it to challenge Apple on the "ease of use" front, and that it has chosen to lock-in its advantage on the "incomprehensibility of use" dimension instead. E.g., whereas clicking on the little style box in the toolbar in Word formerly dropped down a list of styles from which you could choose, now it presents you with... well, I can't comprehend what.

Good work, Redmond!


  1. Gene, what version of XP did you get that comes with Word?

  2. I didn't really "get" a version at all -- LSE upgraded its computers over the summer, and that included installing a new version of Office. It seemed to share the new interface, so I was regarding them as of a piece.

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Regarding them as "of a piece" is exactly what they wanted to acheive.

    Great Work, Redmond!

  4. Yes, they both have equally incomprehensible interfaces.

  5. Anonymous3:28 AM

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