the nagin memorial motor pool

nagin memorial motor pool


  1. Sudha Shenoy10:24 PM

    It seems that the state governor had to sign an authorisation to use the buses; she only signed on Thursday 1st Sept. This isn't Dunkirk...

  2. Sure, by that time, to use buses from other Louisiana areas would have required authorization from Gov. Blanco. Before the hurricane though, Nagin should have been able to order or ask for city and local schoolbuses to do the job. He's the mayor!!!! Unfortunately, the New Orleans evacuation plans tell people to rely on their neighbors for lifts out of town and Nagin kept to the absurd evac plans. Maybe I'm "spoiled" but in Miami the buses pick you up and take you out of the flood zones if you can't do it yourself.

    Dunkirk, no. Gonaïves, maybe.

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