this is plain MURDER!

They've stopped taking people out of New Orleans and they won't let people in to pick up their families and friends. They won't let private citizens in to sell or donate food. It's not safe. It's not safe!?!?! People are dropping dead on Interstate 10 and at the Superdome. New Orleans in on fire and the haven't got the sense to obtain one of those aerial figherfighter planes. They seem more worried that the drug dealers are price gouging their crack addict regulars than the safety of anyone.

Right now they should be getting every schoolbus in the state and driving it into New Orleans. Pick people up wherever and depost them elsewhere. They should be making food drops all over the city from airplanes. This is stupid. If the government weren't screwing everything up from the beginning, this hurricane would've taken out maybe a couple of dozen drunks on Bourbon St. Every other corpse was murdered by an incompetent official.

Even removing the threat of hurricanes, New Orleans is/was under threat of flood 365 days a year. This could have happened with a deluge miles up the Mississippi as easily as it did with Katrina. It is painfully obvious, they have never had any implementable plans for floods at all...other than rely on Texas and the Feds. God damn those useless government bastards to the same hell they have created.


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