I'm Good Enough, Smart Enough, and Gosh Darnit, People Worship Me

The other day I had to give two people directions (separate incidents). It was clear that they were totally lost and I was quite confident that my directions were correct and clear. After each incident I felt happy, and I realized it was because I had unambiguously contributed something to the world (assuming the people weren't assassins trying to get to the parade route in time).

I started ruminating on how, at least for me and for Bruce Willis's character in Unbreakable, usually when I'm feeling disgusted with myself it's because I think I'm not using my talents adequately, that I could be helping people or whatever and yet here I am blogging on Crash Landing or what have you. Then it occurred to me that perhaps part of the reason Jesus of Nazareth had such a model character was that, well, every day He helped a lot of people.

I mean, if it cheers me up and predisposes me to be a pleasant person after giving somebody directions to the G train, imagine how good it feels to raise your buddy from the dead, or to feed five thousand people!


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