More Potty Language

So I'm in the bathroom at NYU's library, taking care of my business. While doing so I thought about the upcoming regressions that I would have to run for some projects. Now because I'm not a student anymore, the library has this dumb rule that I can't get the password to get online with my laptop. At the same time, the public-use workstations don't have the software for running regressions and so on.

Anyway, I thought that maybe I should ask the economics department if I could use their computer lab since it was the summer and not too many people would be around. I even toyed with the idea of asking my old econometrics professor if I could stop by and ask him some questions.

It was in the midst of such ruminations that I glanced over at the wall. In very small letters--the only graffiti in the stall--just above the toilet paper, someone had written "F*** ECONOMICS" (thought without the asterisks). I took this to be a sign, and added, "SCREW POLITICS" to the wall. (Okay, the last part I made up but everything else is true.)


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