Let's stop the individualist nonsense and fight like men!

In Victor Davis Hanson's latest NRO piece, he displays his usual love of warfare; I count at least seven different "wars" that he discusses (you'll see what I mean if you read it). But what is he saying here?

Nascent democracy is the reason that Afghans and Iraqis, alone in the Middle East, get up each morning and risk their lives to hunt down Islamic terrorists. For all the mess on the West Bank, it was only the free elections that brought in Hamas which offered the Palestinians the opportunity of self-expression. And now they alone suffer the responsibility to live with the economic and military consequences of their disastrous decision. Perhaps they may wish to reconsider next election.

Arafat’s pernicious façade of a “legitimate” government that “sincerely” tried to rein in “rogue” elements is now shattered in both Europe and America. After the Palestinians willingly voted a terrorist government into power, the Hamas politicians are simply fulfilling campaign pledges and doing what terrorists always do: rocketing civilians, murdering, and kidnapping. And now, since there is no more shady, so-called “Hamas,” but only the Hamas-led legitimate government of Palestine, there may be soon a conventional struggle at last, between two sovereign and legitimate states. Such are the wages of moral clarity that accrue from democracy.

Is Hanson saying that it's good Palestinians are now voting, because they have consolidated into a State that Israel can now defeat in open battle?

(I seriously don't know what he's saying; if I'm wrong please explain.)


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Hanson seems to believe that winning a war carries with it a moral stamp of approval.

  2. Translation:
    The Afghans and Iraqis are the only people in the Middle East who want what "we" are forcing upon them: "democracy". In the West Bank, despite having precious "democracy" forced upon them, the Palestinians misused "democracy" and voted for something "we" didn't want and now have to suffer the consequences that "we" will impose upon them (via Israel).

    He sounds like those commies down in Mexico who got mad that The People (tm) didn't vote for more socialism. Socialists are only pro-democracy when they think that The People (tm) will vote them into power. When The People act differently than presumed by these types, they get their knickers twisted about "voter fraud". In Hanson's case, he's just making up reasons that The People (tm) deserve some horror thrust upon them because claiming voter fraud and the like undermines the theory of "democracy". It's really just another example of how commies and fascists differ in the details, but are very similar in their desire to control other people. They really don't believe in democracy other than as a tool to get what they want while making the voters that they(the voters) are in control.

  3. That's "while making the voters *think* that they are in control."

  4. Anonymous7:50 AM

    "(I seriously don't know what he's saying; if I'm wrong please explain.)"

    You're wrong -- you do know what he's saying.


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