How to Win Friends Around the World

"You see, these nations, these new emerging nations, these new shining cities, we hope they will join us, but they can never replace us. Because their light is but a reflection of our own." -- Senator Marco Rubio

You see, you puny lesser nations, the very best you can hope for is to be a second-rate imitation of the United States.

(Hat tip to Daniel Larison.)


  1. Someone needs a copy of Leonard Read's candle speech :-P

  2. I actually don't view this as particularly insulting. It's just patriotic fluff, and meant to be taken as such.

  3. The reason you think that, PSH, is that your light is but a reflection of my own. (I'm kidding, of course, but you don't think that would be a wee bit insulting of me if I meant it?)

    You also might consider that Rubio takes this "fluff" to be a reason to bomb the bejeesus out of lots of foreigners, so it's really not so fluffy after all.

  4. But he's speaking to a U.S. audience, no? I think a better comparison would be, say, a senior staff member of the New York Times telling his fellow employees that "the light of other papers is but a reflection of our own." Too shallow to be sinister.

  5. But how about the war part?

  6. I agree that that is very objectionable. It seems we successfully imitate all of the vices, and none of the virtues, of the Roman conquerors.


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