The Mysteries of Mobile Phone Reception

Our house in Milford, PA, is in a ravine. So I understand why mobile phone reception is bad. But what I don't get is why it is so fluctuatingly bad. From second to second, without moving at all, I will go from three bars, to zero, back to three. Does anyone understand the physics of cellular reception well enough to explain what might cause this? Silas?


  1. I'm pretty sure Silas has nothing to do with your phone reception.

  2. Silas and his reductionist philosophy are totally at the bottom of this.

  3. I don't really know enough about the particulars of these kinds of environments to make anything more than a poorly-educated guess.

    I will, however, subtly change the topic, and ask why you haven't said something about Stephan Kinsella's anti-IPism, since it would seem that, from your perspective, it represents the worst of the ideological excesses of libertarians. (I say this is related because enforcement of IP rights is extrememly similar to enforcement of rights in the EM spectrum, for reasons given here

  4. Silas, I have not had time to reflect much on IP issues. If I did, I would guess your take on how I would perceive Kinsella's position is correct.


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