Now, That's Some Serious Intolerance!

During the seventeenth century in England, dissenting Protestants (Adamites, Anabaptists, Barrowists, Behmenists, Brownists, Diggers, Enthusiast, Familists, Fifth Monarchists, Grindletonians, Muggletonians, Philadelphians, Puritans, Quakers, Ranters, Sabbatarians, Seekers, and Socinians*) were twice offered toleration, once by Charles II and once by James II, in a package deal that included toleration for Catholics as well. Both times they rejected the offer, preferring to be persecuted themselves than to see Catholicism tolerated.**

* -- Source: Wikipedia.
** -- Note to methodological individualists: by "they rejected the offer," I mean enough of them that the deal collapsed.


  1. But would it have led to toleration of the Douay Rheims Bible? If so, they made the right choice.

    (Just kidding... sort of. But happy 400th birthday to the King James Version, and long may it reign.)

  2. "it really represents a triumph for rebellion and dissent."

    Wasn't that Satan's platform?

  3. I guess the trick is to rebel against the right people.

  4. In what way can one reject an offer not to be prosecuted. How did they break the deal?

  5. The kings were looking for support from balky Parliaments. They apparently consulted with dissenting and Catholic leaders in order to see if they would get on the kings side behind a tolerance deal with those terms. The dissenters apparent;y said, "Not if it includes Catholics!" My source is History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts, Robert Bucholz.

  6. "The kings were looking for support from balky Parliaments."

    Sorry, looking for support from others against balky Parliaments.


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