War of the Blogs

PSH responds to my recent posts on Lockean property theory here. (By the way, certain people who occasionally comment here might look to PSH as a role model: although often tragically mistaken, PSH is unfailingly polite in error, and is an honest participant in discussion.)

I feel that PSH is missing the point of my posts, which is that no current property has this pristine Lockean past, and, as he points out, instead it is owned by a pragmatic compromise that decides that social order and prosperity should trump redress for far distant crimes. THEREFORE, the libertarian claims of injustice at the slightest encroachment upon property rights is invalid. ALL of our current property rights are social creations, therefore society may adjust them without any necessary injustice. (That is NOT to say that all possible adjustments are just!)

Property rights and governments arose together out of already existing tribal social arrangements, and not out of Lockean homesteading or Hobbesian bargaining by individuals who appeared on the scene mysteriously, with no social ties or context.


  1. You're missing the link to the post by PSH.


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