It turns out that being violently abusive to your customers is NOT a good business practice!


  1. The other side of the story, from store manager Jed Hershon:

    "For the record, I have many customers who like me fine, it's usually the really demanding, childish, touchy people with an enormously warped sense of their own importance who get upset when not treated as royalty...the complaints are few, except for blogs where people can anonymously whine and 'get even' in their tiny minds."

    Source: (comments section)

    Sounds like they've got your number, bra. ahahahahaha

  2. Bra?

    In any case, Jed worked every day in a cloud of marijuana smoke and alcohol fumes. As people in the article comments section said:

    "Jed is getting what he deserves. Always has been a bitter person to deal with."

    "Jed, almost everyone I know who went to your bookstore mentioned the same thing - that you were more concerned with having another cigarette than any kind of actual customer service. I always got the sense that you didn't really care."

    "ALMOST EVERYONE" said this. Isn't it funny that so many other customers had the same problems as me, PEOPLE STOPPED COMING IN THE STORE, as Jed admits, the store had to go out of business... but the problem was with ME!

    I think the problem is that Jed thought ANY requests for service were demanding and childish!

  3. Think about it, FPS Doug: When they opened, they were doing great. But gradually, one after another, all of their customers disappeared. Finally, they lost so many customers they had to shut down.

    Hmmm... what could that mean?


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