The Greatest Theologian of Our Time

As Eric Voegelin noted, real theology can only ever be done in mythic form, as we are trying to talk about what is beyond any words, and myth is the best we can do in that regard.

As such, I believe J.R.R. Tolkein was the greatest theologian of our age. "The Music of the Ainur" presents the relationship between God and creation in a way that has left me in awe ever since I first read it. Of course, creation is not really a giant symphony: that is why this is a myth. But this portrayal of it in poetic form is the best modern theology of which I am aware. If you haven't read it, do so!


  1. How about The Screwtape Letters?

  2. Ryan, while I like Lewis, and have read most of his fiction, I must admit, somewhat sheepishly, that I have not read The Screwtape Letters! I certainly ought to, but my "ought to read" list is immense. I hope I get to them soon.


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