Speaking of Dangerous Rhetoric

In the wake of the revelation that the Norwegian terrorist is an anti-jihadist, Muslim haters certainly ought to do some self-examination on the matter of the rhetoric they've been employing. But is it likely they will?

As soon as the recent attacks in Norway became public, one could find posts like this:

"No word yet on who is responsible, but it's probably worth noting that Norweigian authorities stopped an al Qaeda plot last year, and just last week filed terror charges against Ansar al-Islam founder Mullah Krekar for threatening Norweigian politicians with death if he is deported."

In other words, we don't know anything yet, but that's no reason not to swiftly blame Muslims!

Now, if Tabin had ben an investigator charged with finding the perpetrator, it might make sense for him to follow up on those threats and see if they were connected to the bombing. But given he wasn't, why not just pipe down and wait to see what the investigators do find? (The wait only would have been a few hours!) Well, why wait when you can try to quickly stir up some hatred? In fact, that may have been the motive for such finger pointing: better blame Muslims quickly before the facts come in, just in case Muslims weren't responsible.


  1. I had a bit of sport with those same AmSpec folks the other day, too, playing Bugs to their Elmer. Good times.


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