Some Startling Data on American Cities

Commented on by Scott Sumner.

The fact that really was news to me: Cities NOT in the top 50 in population include New Orleans, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Buffalo.

But they have NFL football teams! How could this be?


  1. Because the cities mentioned *are* in the Top 50 Metro areas:

    Sumner is using central city data, which can be misleading in a number of ways (including ability to support a pro football team). For example, as a city, San Francisco and Columbus, OH are roughly the same size, but SF MSA is almost 2.5x larger. Or Omaha is slightly larger than Minneapolis as a city, but the Twin Cities MSA is over 3.5x larger.

  2. Gene, there aren't that many people on a football team. Even high schools can field them.


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