The Conclusion Does Not Follow


""We basically show that cocaine is a disorder of the brain, which is a big step," said Ersche. "For a lot of people, it is still a moral issue and willpower has nothing to do with the brain."

So if something is connected with the brain, it cannot be a moral issue?! Willpower has nothing to do with the brain?!

I suppose Ersche will next discover that murder is not a moral issue: it turns out it's all about the victim's heart stopping!


  1. Gene: I just stumbled on your blog thanks to a link in Daniel's FOST. It's great. I remember having good discussions with you years ago on the Hayek list, so this is just by way of saying hello and I will visit regularly!

  2. I used to know a crack addict who cited the whole "it alters your neurochemistry" thing as an excuse every time he went back to using, or behaved badly pursuant to it.

    I'm not among the extremists who deny any strongly compelling physical/neurological component to "addiction," but said components do seem to get misused as excuse a lot.

  3. I'm with you, Tom. Of course there is a physical component. But if that means there is no moral component, then morality does not exist at all -- everything we do has a physical component!


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