A Typology of Models of the Business Cycle

The major types of business cycle models are:

a. Those that belong to the Federal Reserve

b. Embalmed ones

c. Those developed by economists that are trained

d. Those developed by suckling economists

e. Those involving Hayek

f. Fabulous ones

g. Stray models

h. Those that are included in this classification

i. Those that make economists tremble as if they were mad

j. Innumerable ones

k. Those developed with nonlinear regression analysis

l. Others

m. Those that have just broken a third-world central bank

n. Those that resemble microeconomic models from a distance


  1. Can you do one based on Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius?

    Homo Economicus, first glimpsed in the writings of Adam Smith, a Scottish occultist of the 18th century...


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