It's All Good!

A friend of mine has a subordinate she may have to fire. The fellow just doesn't seem that interested in his job. Every project she gives him comes back half done, or else a project somewhat like the one he was asked to do was done instead. So she has started the formal procedures to aid him in achieving extra leisure time, which are initiated by a meeting with Human Resources. What HR told her is that she needs to give him a chance to correct the problems. Fair enough. But she was also told to "keep everything very positive."

Say what?! If everything was very positive, this guy wouldn't be on the verge of losing his job now, would he? What is she supposed to tell him? "I must say, I have never met anyone quite so good as you at doing something resembling, but not quite actually being, what you were asked to do," or maybe "Your interpretation of my instructions to you shows tremendous creativity."


  1. HR is probably worried about wrongful termination lawsuits and discrimination law, and, like other companies, came up with a list of protocols long ago.


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