No Child Left Behind

Is clearly not working. Therefore, I cast my hat in the ring: I announce my candidacy for president in 2012, with my platform being "Every child left behind!"

Ditch the little rug rats if they can't be bothered a learnin'. Every last one of 'em -- how's that for a non-discriminatory educational policy?


  1. Good morning, Dr. Callahan.

    I do not know if you are serious, but your plan is not a bad one.

    Traditional K - 12 education has one goal in mind: preparing children for some type of post-high school education, whether that is in a community college or a university.

    Many students, however, simply have no interest in that pursuit. (Their lack of interest stems from a variety of sources.) My solution is to allow schools to begin to create curriculum that address the needs of students who do not want the traditional path.

    The parents and the child/children -- not the teacher -- would choose which path the child/children would take. Fewer people would concern themselves with whether or not the child was left-behind because the child and his parent(s) would make sure that they were "caught up."

    In terms of ideas, this is not new or breathtaking. If it was ever implemented, however, I think that it would lead to some positive results.


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