Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Column That Can Make You Feel Filthy Just by Reading It

In today's Republican Campaign Support Journal, Bret Stephens writes an "op-ed" column that is so blantantly a GOP campaign ad that it is stunning that even the supine editors of the Journal let it run. (The link will probably point to his next column soon, but I don't see a permalink.) Stephens basically tries to blame Obama for every single thing in the world that didn't go America's way over the last four years. (Perhaps Obama should have launched drone strikes against the International Olympic Committee when they didn't award Chicago the 2016 Olympics, hey Bret?)

What he conveniently never mentions is the great, shining success of the Obama administration: it did not totally, disastrously f*&k up America's position in the world the way the previous administration did.

This column calls out for a good Larisoning.

UPDATE: Daniel found it before I did.

1 comment:

  1. My favourite Bret Stephens article was one where he gives advice to college graduates looking for internships.

    I had a strong fit of laughter when he claimed that employment difficulties of college graduates are primarily because they voted for Obama.

    I am still not sure whether he was joking or serious. All the same, he makes me laugh anyway. Maybe he is a parody of himself.


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