Smartphone mania

(Hat tip to my student, Catherine Rios-Lunarejo, for alerting me to the web site collecting these photos.)

Sure, Tom, just 1%:


  1. I see it as some sort of mental affliction, can't quite tell if it is yet an identifiable disease. I love info and whatnot, but one cannot help but notice that everybody around them has their face in their phone.

    How's Tom?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Escuse me, who's Tom?

  4. Knapp. He once asserted here that only 1% of Americans did anything with their phones other than make calls.

    1. ?! Does he live by himself in a log cabin in the deep Poconos?

  5. It's awful, isn't it? To paraphrase you, it's like something out of a Phil Dick novel. I'm not being sarcastic. But it is ironic, that I'm typing this from my galaxy S4.


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