The Bully!

A photographer is in legal trouble for refusing to photograph a lesbian wedding. According to Noah Smith classificatory scheme, the photographer is a "bully" for thinking she should not have to take part in events that run against her moral beliefs, while the couple who had her dragged through years of legal hassles, despite the fact that they easily found someone else to take the photos, are the poor downtrodden little folks.

I bet Noah Smith, when he was young, complained about the bullies whose chins got in the way of his fist.

In an interesting side note, Dreher points out that his freedom of conscience principles are not a matter of whose side he is on: "If a gay photographer believed in good conscience that he could not photograph the wedding of Christian fundamentalists, then I think he absolutely should have the right to refuse, on First Amendment grounds."

And finally, isn't Vanessa Wilcock an inapt name for a lesbian?


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Nice closer. Haha.

    I've nothing against gays, lesbians, gender-benders, or any of that on a moral level. I am a live and let live sort of person, you do what you want, so long as you aren't imposing it upon or hurting others. All I ask is that once you know that I am not what you are (gay, for instance), that you don't push the issue, and that you don't expect me to cater to your own personal preferences.

    This has nothing to do with equality or any of that mumbo jumbo, it has everything to do with people who are different from the norm expecting other people to cater to their wants against their will. You cannot expect to call something a right if it negates the rights of others.

  2. Can't we just call them both bullies?

    The case against the couple that you make here is rock solid. But the photographer sounds like a real piece of work too.


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