Wingnuts over America

The insane Washington Times blames our withdrawal from Iraq for leaving the "door open to [a] sectarian battle for power."

Right. It wasn't invading the country and toppling the government that opened that door, it was withdrawing when we agreed to withdraw.


  1. When my house collapsed it wasn't because I took down a supporting beam, it was because I replaced the old beam 10 years ago.

    1. What a moronic comment, Ken. The US never replaced the beam, it just yanked out the old one. (Yes, it *tried* to replace it, but never did it establish a government that could rule the country.) Iraq's civil society collapsed as soon as Saddam was deposed, and has never recovered since. What is your solution: that we should not have withdrawn our troops ON THE TIMETABLE AGREED TO BY GEORGE BUSH and instead kept them there, against the wishes of our "allied" government... what, forever?

      The failure was OBVIOUSLY yanking the beam with no good plan about what to do afterwards. Other than making Iraq a colony and ruling it with an even more brutal regime than Saddam's, all of this was the inevitable consequence of BUSH's decision.

    2. What a moronic comment, Ken.

      Depends how we define "moronic."

    3. Anonymous9:10 PM

      I think that he might've been referring to Moros, the Greek spirit of impending doom. Or perhaps Moron, the Jaredite King from the Book of Ether.

  2. My house collapsed because when i fired a rocket launcher at my neighbours house it backfired


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