Another anti-Trumper being pushed to defend Trump

Father Dwight Longenecker:

"Those who have taken any interest in my political opinions will know that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I am one of those conservatives who happened to think that a thrice-married playboy who runs casinos and strip joints was not exactly the best choice for the highest office in the land."

And Longenecker recognizes the process I described a couple of posts back:

"If the mainstream media continue to be deceitful about the travel ban and other presidential orders, Americans who heretofore have sat on the fence in regard to President Trump will start to slip down from that fence and sidle over to him in sympathy..."


  1. During the campaign, conservatives who didn't like Trump broke into two groups. One group said that while Trump was awful in various ways, he was still better than Clinton so they would support him. The other group rejected this line of argument, either saying that they would not choose between two awful candidates or thinking that Trump would actually be worse than Clinton.

    You would think that now that the election is over, the first group would become more critical of Trump. After all, we no longer face a binary choice between him and Clinton. Yet the reverse has happened. Conservatives who wouldn't choose Trump over Clinton have become more supportive of Trump while conservatives who supported him before are just as supportive.

    1. Yes. And I suggest this is (largely) due to how over-the-top the anti-Trump left has been.

  2. Weren't the anti-Trump left pretty over the top during the election campaign too?

    1. Yes, but look at the different perspectives say Longenecker had then and now: then, he was (kind of) with the left against Trump. But Trump won. Now he thinks "Well, let's give him a chance and see..."

      And he sees the left not doing that at all.


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