So, it's 3:46am and I'm still in the LSE library -- and no Ritalin! Now the question is, should I go home now, or just wait out morning? I think I'll go fetch that biography of Newton from the stacks.

Follow up: I wound up waiting for the tube to start running at 5:50, and I arrived home about 7.


  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Do you mark a cubicle for yourself yet? Maybe you can bring in a throw rug, a hearty houseplant, a small espresso maker, and some photos of the kitty?

    Did LSE insitute this 24hr policy just for finals term or will this be the case going forward? If it's the latter, I imagine they will have the squatter problem.

  2. I have not as of yet staked out my own cubicle. The 24-hour opening is just for summer term.


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