Cooking Club Scam

Today I received a package in the mail from the Cooking Club of America. It sounds like a great deal. You pay $1 a month in dues, and then they send you a magazine every month, and you get discounts on stuff, and best of all, they send you products to test, which you then get to keep. Stuff like cookware sets and coffee makers. Well, I decided to google it. And I found the story of one woman's experience. Sounds pretty shady to me. First off they billed her for two years instead of one, and then they sent her a book (with a bill for $9.99) that she never asked for. She mailed back the book, but received another bill for it, at which point she called customer service. Well, the Club has a policy that says if you're not happy, they'll refund your dues. So they sent her a check. Well, she read all the fine print, and it turns out if she had deposited the check, she would have been agreeing to sign up for their Premiere Lifetime Membership--which costs $330. Whoa!


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