Star Wars III


The only (mild) surprise for me was how Padme died -- everything else was telegraphed by putting together the plot of II and IV.

Go here for comments with spoilers, like:

"I'm still not sure why Yoda and the Jedi Fun Club don't realize that the most evil guy in the freakin' galaxy lives and works, like, 20 feet away. And yet, in Episode II, we learn that Yoda can sense the hurt feelings of his fellow Jedi millions of miles away—sorry, Mr. Jedi, I don't get it."


  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    But what about the struggle between good and evil? Granted from Hayden's Christensen acting - the struggle came through as a grimace vs a scowl (exactly how did he audition for that role - OK Hayden now scowl... now scowl like you really mean it...). While it wasn't exactly a cinematic tour de force, I was keenly nostalgic about the fact that it was over. This was a "coming of age" for a lot of Americans ( and from the audience in that theater this "age" varied from 20 to 45 - so it wasn't a chronological coming of age...) . I have to give George Lucas credit where it's due - he carried it through - I think he really just wanted to deliver closure to hundreds of Americans - who can now go home and say - Honey, thank god it's over!


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