We Never Thought of That When I Was at UConn

A friend of mine was in the LSE library in the wee hours the other morning. While there he spotted a student busily engaged in processing something at his desk. Out of curiosity, he asked the fellow what he was up to. It turned out that he was chopping up lines of Ritalin with a credit card and snorting them, in order to keep studying.


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    whoa - he really wanted to ace that paper. are there any side effects to ritalin? although taken in a large enough quantity anything can have a side effect, i suppose.

    I suppose insurance will not cover ritalin for such purposes...

    i couldn't get my insurance company to cover a 10-day dosage of antibiotics because the specific antibiotic I was taking was only prepackaged for a three-day dosage (it was approved by the FDA as a three day treatment to treat upper respiratory infections). My doctor, however, was trying to treat an upper respiratory infection and Lyme disease so a 10-day dosage was necessary. No can do, said the insurance company. I had to fork over the difference. Yikes, no small change.


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