Poor Pat

This column by Pat Buchanan, questioning whether fighting WWII was worth it for the West, is stirring a lot of controversy, with the predictable response being, "What about the Holocaust?"

Folks, I've got a little secret to reveal to you: The West's entry into WWII did not prevent the Holocaust! (It may, in fact, have prompted it.)


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    The Holocaust was underway before we
    joined the war.

  2. Mr B has been pilloried for thinking outside the box on quite a few occasions. I am glad he still has the courage to keep at it.

  3. The Holocaust was underway before Sep. 1, 1939? That's the first I heard of it. (Note: I said "the West," not "the US.")

  4. Anonymous12:36 AM


  5. Yes, Anonymous, I know all about Kristallnacht. The Nazis certainly disliked Jews long before 1939 or 1941, and did despicable things towards them. That does not make for a Holocaust! Kristallnacht can be refered to as the Holocaust being "underway" only if someone's murder of their neighbor can be called "underway" on the day 8 years before the killing when the murderer kicked the neighbor's cat.

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