The "Cost" of Our Freedom

Here a nitwit sounds off on the bombing of Hiroshima. He writes "America has forgotten what it cost to keep her citizens free, but this article provided a crucial history lesson we needed."

Yes, in the bombing of Hiroshima, it "cost" America maybe a hundred thousand Japanese lives "to keep us free." As though Japan in 1945 posed any threat to the freedom of American citizens, and as though the death of Japanese civilians was a "cost" Americans were paying!

"Granted, the unleashing of an atomic weapon was horrible, but he was acting under an order that ultimately saved more lives than it took."

Per the calculations of those who, after the bombing, sought to justify this war crime. Luke Wagoner, of course, has no idea what the trade-off in lives was, but simply chooses to believe the bombers.

"Honor the man for having the courage to do what was necessary."

Just as we should honor Adolph Eichmann for "doing what was necessary" to rid Germany of the scourge of the Jews.


  1. "Peace loving Hitler had no choice but fight..." -- Steve Kovic (first line of a wonderfully bitter poem)

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