Weird Pennsylvania Laws, Part II

I think I detailed the weird liquor laws out here in an earlier post but I can't find it right now. (Basically, it is legal to buy up to 12 beers or more than 23 beers out here, but illegal to buy between 13 and 23!) However, tonight I found ann even stranger situation: there is a fireworks store in Matamoras, Pennsylvania, that Pennsylvania residents are not even allowed to enter. (I got around this by not having updated my driver's license in so long that it says I still live in Connecticut.) Apparently, the fireworks it sells are so dangerous that they are only suitable for the yahoos out in Ohio. (They are illegal to even transport through New York, the state about two miles away from the store.)


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I am not sure which store you were at Gene, but at Keystone Fireworks we have section dedicated for the PA residents. If, however, they would have permission from their local municipality (and after we verify it)they could purchase anything in the store for a diplay on their private property site that is approved by their local municipality. Interstate commerce laws forbids us from limiting what an out of state person may purchase, but you as the consumer are to follow the laws that are enforced in the areas that you take the fireworks. My suggestion is, if you know that you cannot transport the fireworks in New York (which is on the paper that you sign at the store and on the entrance door) then do not do it.

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