The Fate of the Ron Paul Revolution?

My oldest son asked me today, "Dad, if Ron Paul comes close to winning, do you think he'll be beaten to death with benches?"

What's the historical reference he's making? A free subscription to Crash Landing to the first ten readers to get it right. (Of course, given the paucity of comments lately, I'm not sure there are ten readers.)


  1. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I have no idea... I would guess it happened in the Roman Sneate though... or maybe British Parliment.

    You will tell us, right?

  2. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Now, Gene, you have at least 110 readers (base -2).

  3. A gavel? because the judge sits on a bench...

    Wrenches made from wood?

    Or a fake soccer player that scored a goal on his own team and was theoretically impaled by rowdy fans with their wooden benches

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM

    The fact is we're all less smart than your son.

  5. Well, Plutarch has it as "stools and chairs" rather than benches, but you'll get the idea here.

  6. I don't know what the historical reference is, but it's a good insight.

    If RP comes close, it surely means another four years of the Clintons. Rednecks everywhere will be picking up benches.

  7. Woody, I just gave you the link to the historical reference!


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