A Tip on Makeup Quizzes

It is always a pain-in-the-neck to generate a new quiz for that one student whose car broke down, grandma died, etc. and missed the quiz on the date it was given. But you can make it easier by realizing that you don't need to change everything on a multiple choice makeup quiz. You only need to change enough so that the student who is trying to get by solely based on knowledge of the first quiz is unsure of when you have and haven't, say, reversed the meaning of a question, or when a change in the facts of an example change the correct answer. So, turn a few questions into their opposite by, e.g. changing "demand increased" into "demand decreased," introduce a couple of brand new questions, and change the facts of a few examples, e.g., turn "bananas and oranges" into "wheat and rice."

If the student doesn't know the material, this will make it essentially a brand new quiz. The better prepared student will recognize the shifts as minor, but so what? You want that student to do well.


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