Just Where Could I Discover a Fact Like That?

For some reason my son was on the Wikipedia page for Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, formerly of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers, where can discover that Jeff is now a defense consultant and chair of a Congressional advisory board.

But in the talk section, someone posted a comment, questioning whether Baxter was really an original member of Steely Dan, because the poster didn't think he had played on their first album. Hmm, now where would one have to go to discover if that memory was accurate? If only there were a huge, encyclopedic web site, chock full of just such facts, where someone could go to look that up!


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Yes, I found out about Skunk's current career maybe about 2 years ago or so (I was watching old SD live videos on YT and you know how one link leads to another).

    Anyhow, your question kind of reminds me of the almost uselessness of things like Ask.com and Yahoo Answers. Most of this information is already readily available, but I guess some people have their preferred methods of getting information without ever considering that there are already different routes of finding them (all of which are right at their fingertips).

    I still remember when I would have to go through rolls of microfiche (obviously, you do too), but I'd be willing to bet that there are still people who use that method.


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