Markets in everything

The market is a wonderful, wonderful thing. So is a Swiss Army knife. However a Swiss Army knife is not a very wonderful thing to use for changing your baby. The idea of "markets in everything" is a form of idolatry, holding forth a single ideal as if it applied to all of human experience.


  1. don't use swiss army knife on baby


    I'm compiling a list of good advice on this stuff

    1. Don't use the immersion blender either.


  2. How much can I pay you to leave Bohm-Bawerk alone?

  3. "Markets in everything"

    Now just where in the elsewhere econoblogosphere have I seen that phrase several hundred times, and not Marginally, either, so much as a constantly Revolving theme. As for me, when from my Marketing I return home and unpack Everything, I put it all in George Mason jars, lest in rolling off the counter, intuitively, it should ruin the kitchen floor and force me to call in the tiler to repair it.

  4. Perhaps, but ignoring opportunities for mutual gain that get reported under that phrase is just as Oakeshott::ideological. (namespaced for clarity)


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