I understand Keynes completely now

At least his comment about how he could only understand material in written German that he to some extent already understood well. My Italian is about at that point now. When I read an Italian newspaper, I can understand a story about Obama's trip to Israel pretty well, since I know the topic already. But the articles on Italian politics I really don't get at all. I think this is just the sort of thing of which Keynes was speaking.


  1. This is just an educated guess, with an emphasis on "guess," but maybe Keynes was just being nice. He did read, and positively review, several books in German. It's true that some of Mises' ideas were unique and complicated, but I feel that Keynes understood enough of it and didn't find it convincing.

    1. Yes, Jonathan, I think you are correct. Others have documented Keynes's extensive knowledge of German.

      Nevertheless, the phenomenon he notes is real.

  2. Just admit it Gene: Your linguistic abilities are most suited to a totalitarian society.


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