You got a fight for your right...

to park close!

I pulled into the faculty and staff lot this morning and there was a truck hauling a dumpster sitting in the middle of the driveway between the rows of spaces. I just pulled into a space about ten back from this setup: what if he was going to back up? Easiest just to stay clear: it takes about five seconds to walk ten parking spaces, right?

Well, the woman who pulled in behind me would have none of this. She pulled up as close as she could possibly get to the dumpster, then carefully squeezed past it to the closest spot it was physically possible to reach. She was getting out of her car when... the truck hauling the dumpster moved! She climbed back into her car, started it back up, and reversed the car into a new spot that previously had been blocked... and was about three spots closer to the nearest buildings. At this point, I was looking back, already arriving at the cafeteria. She was literally parked about ten or fifteen seconds walking time closer to the buildings, and it had taken her an extra two or three minutes to achieve that feat.

What is going on? Do people think St. Peter allows entry to heaven based upon who got the closest parking spots during life?


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