Noah Smith Offers a Hand to Blue-Collar, White America

"Hey," Noah writes, "you stupid, anti-reason, racist, fearful, mouth-breathers, I of the liberal elite will benevolently make an effort to save even such scum as you!"

I can't see how anyone could possibly ignore his advice!


  1. I think this settles the matter.

  2. I don't doubt some of the things he's arguing, but the frightening thing is how depressing Noah's rant will be when he applies these same metrics to inner city blacks.

    If you ask me it doesn't look good regardless of the race.

  3. Gene, that wasn't very nice. I've worked very hard to develop an impassive attitude to the American political charade, and I truly hope for the complete destruction of the GOP, but when some dipshit writes something like that and I read it, it undoes alot of that work. The rage just flows through me, because that piece tars my entire extended family.

    PS: You should check out the description of the study in Time that the piece linked to showing relative drug use of different races. TLP would be proud.


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