Does every basketball fan who does not watch the NBA...

Repeat the same two reasons why? It certainly seems so, since everyone who explains to me why they don't watch the NBA says:

"I watch college basketball, but I don't watch the pros because:
"1) They don't play defense; and
"2) Only the last couple of minutes of a game are exciting."

As for number one, it is true that with an 82-game schedule, the players have to pick the spots in which to go all out. When you are a 19-year-old college player, you can impress your coach by futilely racing down the court after a player going in for a breakaway layup. But in the pros, you know the guy is going to make it, and you need to save your legs. But do the pros not play defense? Absurd.

Or, in most games the charge is absurd. When is it accurate? During the All-Star game. And then you get scores such as 152 to 149, or 154 to 149.

Meanwhile, the scores of NBA games last night were 98-96, 116-94, 104-92, 102-88, 101-95, 107-88, and 118-103. Not a single team came within 30 points of the number put up by the loser in those two All-Star games. I only had to scan back to last Friday to find a game in which an NBA team scored only 66 points, about 44% of the points scored by those two losers.

What could cause these skilled professional players to score so few points? Hmm, I wonder... Could it be other skilled professional players defending them?

As for number two, the person in question has just told me that they don't watch NBA games. So how the hell would they know if only the last two minutes are exciting?


  1. Yeah, that trope needs to die. Most of those that repeat it don't even know the difference between the pure zones that college teams use and the hybrid ones prevalent in the NBA. Most NBA teams will only zone up against terrible shooting teams (because in a zone it is easier to seal off the paint from dribble penetration).


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