They won't even judge your spelling!

I go to the planet fitness in Port Jervis. There I noticed, on every weight machine and a number of walls, there is a corporate logo and a slogan reading:

"Planet Fitness: The judgement free zone."

Can you imagine? Across the country, they must've printed this on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment, and no one bothered to check the spelling of the word "judgment"?!


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Maybe they did but prefer the same spelling found in the OED or Fowler. Maybe they like Robert Southey's A Vision of Judgement more than Byron's The Vision of Judgment.

    1. Yes, it is like "shoppe": they want the quaint weight-lifting look.

  2. Must have been written by a Brit.

    I've lived in the US for 12 years and this is first time I realized that word is spelt differently (though I think both spellings are considered correct in British English)

    1. Yes, when I wrote my dissertation, I thought I used British spelling. Then the book editor said I used a mix of British and American.

      I realized I had used British, *whenever I knew it was different*. Of course, every time I didn't realize that, I used American spelling.

  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    LOL. FWIW, I think that FWRT that in a 121 discussion on the OTOD, that you're being very ! at this MOI. Certainly, since you're AATK and trying to beos and I KHYF, that I can offer a **// OTTOMH. But I'd feel OOP if I didn't mention that AIAMU AGKWE. But OST IDK.


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